by Ralph Danger

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The ironic and narcissistic ravings of a confused 19-year old who now wishes he had known how to write better, less self-obsessed lyrics in 2014


released July 6, 2014

Everything done by Benji and his computer
Recorded at Danger Zone Studios (Benji's bedroom)



all rights reserved


Ralph Danger Nashville, Tennessee

Stranger Danger

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Track Name: Flooded
Give me what's mine
Once in a while
I will run it down

While I wait for something to come along
Feel free to wait with me
But I can't make you

Don't let me try
I can fake a smile
But I will let you down
And I will let you down

I will come undone
And I will make no excuse

Reminders will come
And I will ignore them
So remind me again why I should be concerned

She floods me with love
And I can't control it
So lift me afloat and I will make sure I drown
Track Name: I Can't Get Away
I'm thinking softly not to disrespect the times
I wanna see in but they're still closing the blinds
I can't escape this maze that's boggling my mind
And I can't get away

I'm breathing easy now but wait
I think I'm throwing it away
I'm not sure how this all decays
But I won't see another day

(More than nothing, less than human
You're disturbing my illusion
Searching for a different movement
Moving on, there's nothing to it)
Track Name: All of What I've Done
I gave this all of my time
I could never unwind
Consider me a memory of when you couldn't step outside

I am all that I have left
From cleaning up my own mess
Consider me a memory of all the nights you hadn't slept

I have lost my sights at times
Tried to find what wasn't mine
Consider me a memory of a child left behind
But I know who I've become

I am all of what I've done
Track Name: Exploit You
Careful not to fall asleep
You need to be next to me
Give me more than I can be
You need to be next to me

Give me all your love so I can exploit it
Tell me all your troubles so I can exploit them
Make this easy on me and help me exploit you
Cause I can't write about anything else

Careful not to fall asleep
You need to be next to me
Track Name: Head in the Sand
Put your head in the sand and ask me how I am
We'll make it through the night

My hands are tied
But they're together
I'll let the sunlight in
And we can try this again
Track Name: 1155
I can't fall asleep
My teeth are numb, somehow they still hurt me
I'm dead to everyone
Stuck inside with ice cream and iced tea

So pick me up, take me far away to any place
I know I cannot smile but I swear I wouldn't anyways


I got a problem with my head
And I can't get out of my bed
And I can't fix what's happening
So I'll just write a song instead

I'll put my cursor to the screen
And scribble notes transcribed from screens
I will parade my thoughts through town
Until they pull me down to drown


(Don't ask me what this means because I swear that I don't know)
Track Name: Heaven Isn't Far
Heaven isn't far away
But everything else is closer
So I can't speak too honestly
For anything with color

I'm feeling obscenities
And glory, love and me
The only thing that I can't see
Is perfectly in-between

I can't be fooled to reminisce
On many things I could have missed
I can't see down my torn up list
But I'm trying not to adjust to this

I can't make out past clouded eyes
The things I know would have sufficed
I know you know I tried my best
But at best you'll say that I was underdressed
Track Name: Wasn't Enough
I feel dizzier everyday
I can't eat, I can't say what I need to

I can't wait 'til you pass me away
I can get my sleeping patterns right
But I won't dream anymore

I feel like I've got nothing to say
I already sang it all
But it wasn't enough

I know
I tried
Track Name: Space and Silence
My insides are falling out and now I wanna go home
Leave me space and silence but just please don't leave me alone

Misery loves company
And I'm a narcissistic schizophrenic (Note: Cringe, I thought this was so clever when I was 19)
Why would I save anything
When what I don't will just replenish

And trust me, I'm not sad
Track Name: Nothing Better
I can think of nothing better
Than sitting here with you
I can think of nothing better than you

I can hear all your words
But I could not care less
I want to be each and every thread that makes the sweater holding to your chest

I want to fill up your pores
With every stupid word
That I could not choke out of my mouth

I can think of nothing better
Than sitting here with you
I can think of nothing better than you

I'm not too good at being vulnerable
But consider me as yours

I can think of nothing better
Than sitting here with you
I can think of nothing better than you